Board of Management

President – Angela Farrier

Vice President – Graham Whiting

Treasurer – June Barnett

Secretary – Angela Phillips

Club Captain – Stuart Hage

Vice Captain – Emma Hage

Chief Instructor – Natalie Hincksman

Coaching and Competition – Max Simionato

Social and Business – Annie Stockdale

Youth – Zoe Butler

Junior Co-ordinator – Rob Cerullo/Jo Garner

Work Health and Safety – Ian Smale

Office Bearers

Boat Captain – Jamie Hole

IRB Captain – Simon Green

Board and Ski Captain – Harvey Clarke.

House Manager – Karen Evans

Fundraising Officer – Leah Tait

Gear Steward –  Vacant

Maintenance Officer – Paul Phillips

First Aid Officer – Sue Hage

Radio Officer – Guy Stockdale

Registrar – Pat Whiting (Juniors/families) and Angela Phillips (everyone else)

Apparel Officer – Leah Tait

Vehicle Officer – Guy Stockdale

Bar Manager – Dave Stickland

Catering Officer – Helen Bryden

Junior Secretary – Pat Whiting

Grants Officer –  Richard Puplett

Historian – Pat Whiting

Sponsorship Officer – Peter Kerrison

Child Safe Officers – Stuart Hincksman and Helen Bryden

Constitution Committee Chairperson – Graham Whiting

Life Members Committee Chairperson – Peter Kerrison

Life Membership Committee – Pat Whiting