Moana Community

This forms a backdrop to the southern part of Moana  Beach (Boon Boona). It  is within the ‘country’ of the Kaurna People of the Adelaide Plains and southern Lofty Ranges. The area has long been recognised for its significant cultural and archaeological heritage, and has been the site of Aboriginal encampments dating back more than 6,000 years.

The area was recorded in the 1890s as “the greatest development of sand dunes.. of  Gulf St. Vincent” boasting imposing dunes to 80 feet (25 metres); but within 40 years human and animal impact denuded the dunes and erosion demolished their magnificent stature. In recent decades it was acquired as a Park to conserve its Heritage.

Today, a community group Friends of Moana Sands Conservation Park are active in rehabilitating the site with weed control and revegetation.  The sand dunes are an integral part of the beach as a reserve of replenishing sand, as are the offshore sandbeds.
The Group’s Working Bees are usually twice per month:- the second Sunday pm, and last Monday am. Enquiries :- Alex McLeod 8327 0925

As a Conservation Park within the Department for Environment and Natural Resources, visitors are expected to respect the guidelines  within this very sensitive area. More information about Parks can be gained from

To report any concerns:-  DENR 8124 4860 during office hours;  City of Onkaparinga 83840666;  or SAPOL 131444

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