For all venue booking enquiries, please get in touch with Annie at socialandbusiness or 0472921209 (for venue booking enquiries).

Terms and Conditions

1. The Moana SLSC conducts the Moana SLSC function room(s).

2. We do not accept bookings for 18th birthday celebrations; 21st birthday celebrations are considered with
additional conditions.

3. Confirmation of booking is subject to venue availability, receipt of full deposit of $100.00, completed
and signed Booking Application Form and signed Terms & Conditions of Club Hire form.

4. The deposit will be deducted from the full hire charge on settlement of account. All function accounts
are to be settled at least 14 days prior to the date of the function.

5. Payment in full is required at least 14 days before the date of the function.

6. Hiring of the Breezeway area is subject to approval by the Management (during off-season only).

7. Hiring of the Function Room with Outside Areas requires special consent from Onkaparinga Council. As
this may take up to 8 weeks, bookings for the outside areas will not be accepted if sufficient time is not
allowed for such special consent.

8. The Hirer must remain on the premises at all times and is responsible for all guests. The Hirer must
ensure that all guests act responsibly at all times.

9. Should the Hirer wish to pay a specified amount towards beverages for their guests, such funds should
be passed to a member of the bar staff at commencement of the function.

10. All bar tabs must be settled at the end of the function and are only accepted at the discretion of the
bar staff.

11. Should the person/organisation hiring the function room(s) wish to cancel the booking, notice of at
least two months shall be required. If a cancellation is made within two months of the date of the
function, the Hirer agrees to forfeit the deposit unless the room(s) is rebooked. If the function room(s) is
rebooked the deposit shall be returned in full.

12. Regular bookings are only taken for a maximum of 6 months in advance.

13. All persons/organisations hiring the premises must comply with relevant legislation eg. Occupational
Health & Safety and Child Protection legislation.


15. The Moana SLSC will not accept responsibility for damage to or loss of goods and chattels left in the
venue prior to, during or after a function. All goods and chattels belonging to persons attending a function
must be claimed and removed from the venue by 1.00pm the following day.

16. The Hirer will arrange badged security personnel for any function where it is deemed appropriate, with
all costs being charged to the Hirer.

17. The Moana SLSC does not accept responsibility for any damage to or loss of any vehicle whilst parked
on or near the premises.

18. The Moana SLSC reserves the right to expel or eject from the venue any person or persons attending a
function who behaves in an objectionable manner.

19. The Hirer is financially responsible for any damage and/or breakages to any equipment, furniture and
fixtures within the Moana SLSC club premises including outside areas or equipment by the Hirer or their

20. Nothing is to be nailed, screwed or adhered to any wall, door or part of the building without prior
approval from the House Manager. Charges will be incurred by the Hirer for any repairs arising from such
unauthorised actions.

21.  All drinks are to be purchased from the Club bar.

22. The Hirer must seek permission from the House Manager if the Hirer wishes to decorate the venue.

23. Prior to the event, the Hirer must specify any equipment required for use during the function and
make arrangements with the House Manager to familiarise themselves with such equipment as no
technical support will be available during the function.

24. The Hirer and their guests must vacate the premises within 30 minutes of the end of the function. At
all times the Hirer and their guests should be considerate of our neighbours. It is an obligation of the Hirer
to ensure all guests are aware of this licence condition.

25. All patrons are to leave the premises quietly and no loitering outside of the Club premises is permitted
at any time.

26. The Management or their representatives reserve the right to close down a function if any of these
conditions are not met.


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