Employment & Volunteer Opportunities

Our employment and volunteer opportunities are a great way to get involved with the community.
Support personal goals.
Build social networks.
Sense of purpose and empowerment.
Sense of satisfaction, pride, and accomplishment.
Contribute and connect to the community.
Learn to be resilient and patient.
Enjoy time with your family whilst volunteering.
Make a difference to your community.


Moana is a small club that is supported by its members to become all they can be. Volunteering gives our members a sense of community and a belief they can make a difference.

Supports and empowers. Gives a sense of self-worth
Improve physical and mental health
Builds general wellbeing, emotional resilience
Improves mood and happiness
Builds satisfaction, pride, purpose, accomplishment
Builds social networks and community cohesion



Work Health & Safety Officer (WH&S)

Our WH&S Officer will:

(a) Be responsible for administering the Health and Safety Policies of the Moana SLSC,

(b) Ensure that WH&S matters raised are dealt with in a timely and efficient manner,

(c) Have a close working relationship with all areas of the Moana SLSC;

(d) Be a member of the Board of Management;

(e) Educate members regarding Work, Health & Safety practices,

(f) Have an up to date WWCC,

(g) Undertake a WH&S audit regularly to ensure Moana SLSC complies with the Act,

(h) Check the WH&S communication book weekly to ensure any identified hazards are dealt with,

(i) Be responsible for producing the “Gym Induction” and ensure that the Gym Rules are adhered to,

(j) Update and display any Material Safety Data Sheets that apply to Moana SLSC,

(k) This role description might change from time to time as directed by the Board of Management.


Communications & IT Officer

The Communications & IT Officer will:

(a) Endeavour to advance the interests of Moana SLSC by bringing the activities of Moana SLSC to the notice of the public,

(b) Act only at the direction of the President or Committee with regards to any controversial or detrimental publicity,

(c) Be responsible to the Committee for the implementation of appropriate recruiting campaigns as deemed necessary from time to time,

(d) Submit a report as necessary via the Social and Business Coordinator to meetings of the Board of Management,

(e) Manage  the website, and club promotions to support the secretary from time to time.

(h) Update email addresses of the Board of Management,

(i) Have an up to date WWCC

(j) Liaise with the Registrar and appropriate persons as Registration/Open Days approach,

(k) Be responsible for any IT assistance required by the Board of Management when required,

(l) This role description might change from time to time as directed by the Board of Management.


Events Coordinator

Our Events Officer will:

(a) Must be a current member of Moana SLSC

(b) Co-ordinate the hiring of Moana SLSC’s facilities and ensure that there are no conflicts with other events – SLSC events have priority

(c) Ensure all function needs are communicated to the appropriate areas to ensure a pleasant experience for the hirer as per SOP

(d) Prepare and distribute all paperwork required as per SOP

(e) Work with and assist other areas such as Fundraising to manage the members social functions on behalf of Moana SLSC.

(f) Be one of the people available for opening the club as appropriate.

(g) Submit a report to the BOM via the Social and Business Co-Ordinator as required for circulation to the Board of Management.

(h) Have an up to date WWCC and any other qualifications and clearances as requires by the Board of Management.

(i) This role description might change from time to time as directed by the Board of Management.



The Registrar will:

(a) Ensure that all membership details are kept up to date,

(b) Ensure that all memberships are entered and updated each season on surfguard,

(c) Ensure that all membership forms are filed in an orderly fashion,

(d) Advise the Bar Manager of current memberships.

(e) Work closely with Junior Secretary and Club Secretary.

(f) Attend all membership drives and registration days each year. This may include junior training days when season is active.

(g) Have an up to date WWCC

(h) Report as necessary to the BOM when changes are made to compliance with memberships and WWCC.

(i) Manage all updates of prescribed positions and any other positions held in the club to make sure up to date WWCC are kept up to date and entered into surfgard. Reports sent to SLSA regularly.

(j) This role description might change from time to time as directed by the Board of Management.


Catering Officer

Our Catering Officer will:

(a) Co-ordinate all BBQ activities,

(b) Procure stock as needed,

(c) Support club activities as needed,

(d) Maintain fuel and maintenance of the BBQ  equipment,

(e) Have a close working relationship with all relevant members. Including the Events/house manager, Fundraising Officer.

(f) Balance and deliver to the Treasurer all monies arising from such activities,

(g) Have an up to date WWCC

(h) Submit a report to the Management Committee via the Social and Business Coordinator if necessary

(i) This role description might change from time to time as directed by the Board of Management.



The Coaching role involves:

a) Be responsible to the Competition and Coaching Officer

b) Have a Level 1 Surf Coach award and Bronze medallion,/ Developmental coaches award.(or as named that is current)

c) Or be working toward an official accreditation under the guidance of a fully qualified coach.

d) Have an up to date WWCC,

e) Be responsible have qualifications current and up to date. To advise Comp and coaching officer if different.

f) Make themselves available during the year when coaching support is required by the Comp and Coaching coord.

g) Report as necessary through the Comp and coaching officer to the Board.

h) This role description might change from time to time as directed by the Board of Management.



We are always looking for volunteers for a variety of roles around the Club. Our volunteer roles must;

a) Ensure WWC checks are complete

b) Want to help others

c) Be involved with their local community



A Surf Life Saving Club enriched with history and a major part of our local community; we welcome anyone down to our Club.