Child Safe Policy

Child Safe Policy

Moana SLSC’s commitment to Safeguarding Children and Young people.

Moana SLSC is committed to the Safeguarding of Children and Young People, under the age of 18, and acknowledges that a child-safe organisation doesn’t just happen; it requires conscious action to protect children from harm.

It is imperative that we provide a safe and supportive environment for children and young people, that focuses on fun, education and building the confidence of our people through positive learning and development.

Moana’s core values include being open, welcoming and inclusive and building stronger and safer communities for everyone. Moana SLSC empowers and expects all Moana club members, board members, and licensees and any organization using our club, to create and maintain a safe culture for children and young people.

Moana SLSC is committed to reducing the risks of abuse and harm to Children and Young People, and will ensure all members, board members, licensees and any organisations using our club, understand and adhere to SLSA’s Member Protection Policy.

Safeguarding Children and young people is everyone’s business.
At Moana SLSC, all active members over the age of 14 need a Working with Children Check (WWCC) and a National Police Check.
This does not apply to Community Members who are purely restaurant/social members.
In order to volunteer, if you are 14 years or older, in an environment where there are children, you will require a Working with Children Check (WWCC).
– If you currently hold a valid DCSI Child Related Employment Check, this will be accepted until its expiry and then you will need a WWCC. ( valid for 5 years)
– A working with children Check can take up to six weeks to process. Moana SLSC will initiate one on your behalf.
We will email you to explain the steps.
– If you have a current WWCC, Can I please ask you to forward the following details from your clearance certificate and I will update the SLSA system to show you’re cleared. Send to E-
Reference #
Unique ID
Issue date
Full name (as it appears on clearance)
Date of birth
If you are18 yrs or older, you will also need a valid national police Check (NPC. Valid for 3 years). See below for process.
1) Print the form (fill in by hand) Click here
2) Or do it online- and print- Click here
3) Have it verified. Either by a JP or at your local police station. 100 points of ID is needed.
4) Hand it in to the president who will add the VOAN (free for volunteers) We will send it for you for processing.
Justice of the Peace will be at the club on Saturday afternoons during nippers 2.30-3.30pm. We will copy your ID documents and you can hand your paperwork to us for processing.
Click here for Onkaparinga local services.
5) Email a photo or bring completed check to the president for sighting.
6) All details will then be loaded into SLSA system/data base. You and the club will be notified when it is due to expire.
If you have any questions or need any help please email
SLSA Member Protection policies, guidelines, procedures and NPC application form.
All of the relevant SLSA Member Protection information can be found on the SLSSA website, under the Members tab.
You do not need to log in to a Members Area to find this information.
SLSA Member Protection Policy 6.05
SLSA Complaints Resolution Policy 6.06
SLSA Child Safe Policy 6.04
Child Safe Guideline
WWCC and NPC Procedure for Clubs
NPC application form



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