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Member Learning & Development ? information and bookings.

Member education is a core function of Moana SLSC and we offer a wide range of opportunities and pathways for members of all ages. Our team of qualified volunteer Training Officers, led by the Club?s Chief Instructor, dedicate a lot of time to facilitating educational programs for members. Many of these courses lead to accreditation of nationally endorsed units of competency and qualifications, and support members to carry out a wide range of volunteer duties at Henley.

For junior members (ages 5 to 12 years), skills and knowledge are obtained by attending weekly junior nipperr training during the surf lifesaving season. Junior training is structured so that once members reach the age of 13 years, core surf skills and knowledge have already been developed.

We encourage members to continually enhance their lifesaving skills, ensuring we continue to provide a safe environment for our members, the community and visitors.

Are you interested in carrying out training so you can assist your children?s age group? Would you like the skills and confidence to join one of Henley?s amazing patrol teams? Or maybe you aspire to become the next Club Training Officer.

Contact more information.

Please note, only members who register using the links below will be offered course places.


TRAINING offered at Moana SLSC.

Bronze ?– BM.

FEES – New Bronze medallion.

  • $80.00. (Covers admin and uniform*)

SRC converting to Bronze

  • $25.00. Covers admin fee.

Nipper converting to SRC

  • $25.00. Covers admin fee. (uniform* costs are covered by the club)


  • $80.00. (covers admin fee and uniform*)

*Uniform includes, shorts, LS shirt, patrol skull cap, Broad Brimmed Hat.

  • $25.00 (covers admin fee)

Silver medallion courses

Annual Proficiency

Part of your?proficiency?for this season is to complete the ?Online Component? which is compulsory, as is attendance at the practical proficiency?session at the club.

The online component?can be completed now. Please read the instructions attached?here at the Skills Maintenance eLearning. If you hold Bronze/SRC, ART or IRB Crew/Driver you must complete the theory component for each of these skills.

These links to access Surf Life Saving training videos are great tools to refresh your?skills and assist with the online theory?proficiency?component ?

  1. Signals
  2. Resuscitation 2 person
  3. Resuscitation?1 person ?
  4. Board?Rescue ? conscious patient
  5. Board?Rescue ? unconscious patient
  6. Tube?Rescue ? conscious patient
  7. Tube?Rescue ? unconscious patient
  8. Spinal Board ? carry patient standing
  9. Resuscitation?4 person