Volunteer Information

A call to all club members !

This season once again sees us hosting the 2019/20 Senior State Titles (28th & 29th March). For those who have been involved in this event in the past (and would fully appreciate) and to new members this is a huge undertaking and requires the support of all facets of our club.

What does it involve:

  • Two full days of competition
  • Catering for officials
  • 2 members to join the SLS work party team to set up/move equipment both days
  • Club BBQ running for all competition hours
  • Watercover & IRB drivers and crew (min. 2 IRBs in water) both days
  • Experienced members running first aid room both days
  • Patrolling members stationed at the first aid tent both days
  • Bar staff for extended weekend hours both days
  • 4-5 members to support Club Captain both days in providing our own club working party (supporting Moana activities)
  • A positive contributing attitude to making this successful for all

What do we need:

Every member of our club volunteering as much time as possible !

No one waiting to be asked Offer your skills/time to.

  • Bar officer
  • Catering/Social Business officer
  • First Aid officer
  • Club Captain
  • IRB captain

Looking forward to seeing you on our beautiful beach making our club stronger

Club Captain

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